Demae Ramen – fast and deliciously original.

Don’t we all wish we could just do things that suit our tastes? And, ideally, right away? If so, then our original Demae Ramen soups are just the right thing. Not only are they quick to prepare, they also taste deliciously original. The different flavours give you the full assortment of authentic Japanese ramen culinary delights – not to mention thousands of ways to create your own individual, restaurant-quality noodle soups. Discover delicious recipes here on our site. Or simply follow your gut feeling and let the unique flavour of our many varieties inspire you when choosing your ingredients. Speaking of which: even more delicious recipes and all the latest news about Nissin Demae Ramen can be found on our social media channels.

We look forward to welcoming you to our growing Demae Ramen community!

What does Demae mean actually?

Demae Ramen has been around since 1968 when it was launched in Japan, and then spread around the world. Loosely translated, “Demae” means “a delivery”. In the past, fresh ramen and soba were brought directly to hungry customers on foot or by bicycle, and the empty bowls were later collected again.

Our Demae delivery boy not only adorns the packaging, but also brings the authentic ramen pleasure to your home with a smile.

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